The Sluts
On Saturday night Lawrence welcomed the newest band on the scene when local two-piece The Sluts opened up for An Horse. This was their first time performing, but they could have fooled me. I was hooked and fell hard for this intense and incredibly talented band.
The Sluts are everything I could ask for in a rock band. They’re screamy, noisy and completely unapologetic. I got the feeling that they didn’t really care what you thought of their band. They’re here to be loud and amazing, and that’s all that matters.
Frontman Ryan Wise was growly and magnificent; and his vocals were capable of a wide range of sounds. But the songwriting was incredible. It felt like they took everything good about grunge in the 90’s and made it their own. Every song was spot on. I want to listen to all of them right now (a million times), but I’ll have to wait. They don’t have an album or even a website, but they’ll be recording a three-song demo soon.
I was left foaming at the mouth with my jaw on the floor. Call me quick to judge, but this could quite possibly be the best new rock band in the area.
Please enjoy these two clips (the first one is a Stooges cover).





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