Friday was officially the first day of Autumn, and many of our favorite local bands just wrapped up their summer tours and are settling in for the cold weather.
But Spring/Summer touring didn’t come without some fond memories. We asked members of The ACBs, Cowboy Indian Bear and Colony Collapse to send in photos from their favorite touring moments. They’ve accompanied the photos with a caption to clue you in on what was happening at the time.

Cowboy Indian Bear

Photos submitted by Katlyn Conroy.

Omaha Memories

“This is from Friday, April 1st, 2011 at the Waiting Room in Omaha, when Cowboy Indian Bear was on tour w/ It’s True for their cd release parties. This is me singing with It’s True (i was a temporary member). It was a completely packed show and he stage was flooded in paper flowers Adam’s (singer of It’s True) mother had made. It was beautiful. This was also the show Cowboy first played with the amazing Colorado band, The Haunted Windchimes. Good memories all around!” – Katlyn Conroy
Daniel Johnston

“This is me hanging out with Daniel Johnston right after Cowboy Indian Bear played with him at the Beaumont Club April 9th, 2011 in Kansas City. I had gone to dinner with him earlier in the evening; and, considering he is one of my heroes, it was an incredibly memorable occasion.” – Katlyn Conroy

“This was taken in Denton, TX on March 19th, 2011 on our tour back from SXSW. We were all very exhausted, giddy, and had had so much fun at SXSW, but were very excited to get home. All bets were off. We carried this sign around for a while, and played a show that night in a fantastic pizza shop called J&J’s pizza.” – Katlyn Conroy

The ACBs

Photos submitted by Andrew Connor.

Rubber Chicken in The ACBs van

“The rubber chicken controlled the van sound system on our NYC trip.” – Andrew Connor
Daytrotter Session

“Kyle pounding the drums at the ACBs Daytrotter session.” – Andrew Connor
The ACBs at Lake Calhoun

“ACBs drink Grain Belt in Lake Calhoun.” – Andrew Connor

Colony Collapse

Photos sent in by Taylor Holenbeck.

"Golden Boys"

“Colony Collapse made it a point to go to the Pacific more times than we played shows.” – Taylor Holenbeck



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