Slowing down is not an option for Andrew Connor. The Kansas City musician is currently playing in four bands, and two of them are set to play back-to-back sets at the Taproom Thursday night.

The ACBs
It’s been a while since Ghosty and The ACBs played in Lawrence, and even longer since they played the Taproom. But the venue is like a second home for Connor. He spent years playing (and working) there when Ghosty was based out of Lawrence. “It’s a very warm atmosphere for bands,” says Connor. “It’s a pretty informal setting, but it was a place where people liked to hang out.”
Connor plays in both bands, but don’t expect the poppy acts to be to similar. Connor primarily writes songs for Ghosty, and Konnor Ervin handles the writing for The ACBs. “I think we both have distinctive styles,” says Connor. “I think The ACBs may be even a little bit poppier than Ghosty.”

After the show, Connor won’t be sitting still for long. He plays in four bands, and one of them (a Fleetwood Mac tribute band) is playing the Record Bar on Friday night. But he says staying this busy was no accident. “I know that I can’t keep up this pace forever, but all the time I spent playing music seems to improve all the projects in general,” says Connor. “They’re all pretty distinct and different, but it’s music. I feel that the more time you spend playing, the more musical ideas will flow a little bit easier if you’re in shape. So I feel fairly in shape playing this often.” Between nonstop rehearsals and shows, Connor is adding another activity to his musical exercise regimen: a third full-length Ghosty album.
To see Connor flex his musician muscles, head to the Taproom for The ACBs and Ghosty Thursday night at 10:00 p.m.




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