The ACBs performing at The Taproom on Thursday night
Thursday should have had you walking on Cloud 9. The weather was just lovely, and every venue in Lawrence had a first-rate show happening. But it was The ACBs show that restored my faith in one specific genre of music that night.
For once, it wasn’t sweltering hot in the Taproom basement. The environment was just perky enough for the stellar songwriting from Konnor Ervin and the mad wicked guitar skills of Andrew Connor. The ACBs belted out one short, fast and uber feel-good poppy tune after another. Gorgeous women were bopping with the music, and a few scruffy men were nodding their heads in agreement. I even heard someone behind me say “Yeah, they’re good!”
For me, the highlight of the night was the absolutely stunning rendition of “My Face.” The band’s falsetto cup runner over with that one, and they got a warm reception from the crowd.
But the highlight of the night for everyone else may very well have been the moment the band starting honoring repeated requests for songs they hadn’t practiced or played in a while. The band really concentrated for these songs, and slowed down the pace to make sure they got it right. The versions of the requested tunes sounded different than what you’ll hear on the album, but they were still just as catchy and gratifying as the rest of the set.
Thank you, ACBs. It feels good to like poppier indie rock again.
Here’s a song they performed off their latest album, Stona Rosa:



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