I loved getting roughed up at a good Rooftop Vigilantes show. There was no harder way to rock out in Lawrence. Sadly, the band is no more. But lucky for us, the former band’s frontman is keeping busy.

Zach Campbell is currently the drummer for Mouthbreathers, a band that will also leave your feathers ruffled after a show. He’s also busy recording some tracks for Trailer Blazed. He’s keeping the lineup for this project on the DL. “I have some people lined up to play with me,” said Campbell. “After awhile this may become more of a full band collaboration.”

For now, he’s released three tracks. You can listen to them here. In the meantime, for the love of God go see a Mouthbreathers show before they head out on tour with Muscle Worship. They have a show coming up on August 3rd at the Jackpot.

If you do, you’ll get a dose of something like this:



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