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Kaw Valley Public House: 2017 – 2023

North Lawrence just lost a gem for the music scene. After Saturday night, Kaw Valley Public House is closed for good. We briefly spoke with

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Monday Funday: Shannon and the Clams bring joyous dance party to Kansas City

“Did you guys know it’s Monday night?” That’s the question Shannon Shaw asked a sea of smiling faces at the Riot Room in Kansas City.


Glen Hansard charms the masses in Kansas City

On a rainy Tuesday evening in Kansas City, the Uptown was filled with heartwarming songs, and hearty laughter in between. Glen Hansard does a fantastic


Sound Slingers: Meet Lawrence’s Sound Guys

If you thrive off of the local music scene, and have a thirst for tunes throughout the week, it’s time you paid heed to the


Destroy Nate Allen finds new home in Kansas

Destroy Nate Allen may be one of the wackiest acts you’ll see all year. They’ve toured through the area before, but now you can call


The Adventure Ends: Rooftop Vigilantes to play final show

For a band with such a wild and complicated musical history, playing music doesn’t even come close to being the most memorable part of the


Frank’s North Star Tavern strikes just the right note in Lawrence

Frank’s North Star Tavern is the type of bar where you want to become a regular.  Busier then we’ve seen it yet this Saturday, Frank’s


Barbarians of the stage: Hammerlord throws down hard for CD Release Party

If you want to know more about metal in this part of Kansas, Friday night’s show at the Replay was a great crash course (a


Retro Rockers: The Empty Spaces

Never have we seen a new band just charm the heck out of everyone as The Empty Spaces. We caught their set a couple of