Frank’s North Star Tavern is the type of bar where you want to become a regular.  Busier then we’ve seen it yet this Saturday, Frank’s was packed with an eclectic crowd and a jolly atmosphere.  

The tavern offers something for everyone; comfy couches and a fireplace for a living room feel, pool tables and darts and for the active types, Ms.PacMan and more for the gamers, affordable drinks and patio area with ample seating for those taking in the night air (or other kinds of air).

But the basement at Frank’s is our favorite. On Saturday they showcased local bluegrass and Americana groups, striking just the right note for a raucous night. The show opened with Joey of Calamity Cubes playing a mournful and intense set with his banjo and solo horn. Cowgirl’s Trainset picked it up a bit with their tempo, setting feet to tapping. And KC Bearfighters, looking exceedingly dapper in their all white suits, whipped that basement into a dancing frenzy.

As a music venue, Frank’s unique basement setup makes it a one-of-a-kind-in-LFK place to catch a show. The stage is basically sunk in the middle with railings along the outside and stools and ledges all the way around to rest your feet or your drink. The beauty of the dark basement is its closeness encourages intimacy, and the theater in the round style setup gives the viewers countless different vantage points from which to watch the show. I am looking forward to every one there knowing my name.

by Lillian Wright Smith



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