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Introducing: Feast Ov Fools

We've seen what madness looks like, and it resides with Feast Ov Fools. The self-described "gypsy death core" band is brand spanking new, and the
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Cowgirl’s Train Set gear up for album release show

If you miss really big Sunday bluegrass shows at the Replay for their early matinees, this weekend would be a good chance to catch up.

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The best things we saw at Middle of the Map Fest

We rocked, we thrashed, we grooved, and now we’re sore. Middle of the Map Fest seemed like an even bigger feat to pull off this

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Photo Gallery: 2016 Middle of the Map Fest, Wednesday

Middle of the Map fest kicked off on Wednesday with an array of Kansas City, Lawrence, and touring acts. This year, the festival utilized smaller

Frank’s North Star Tavern strikes just the right note in Lawrence

Frank’s North Star Tavern is the type of bar where you want to become a regular.  Busier then we’ve seen it yet this Saturday, Frank’s