I Heart Local Music showcase brings LFK rock to Austin

There’s no place like home, and on Saturday, home for Kansans was a little venue in Austin, Texas, called Shangri-La. Love Garden jackets, LFK shirts,


I Heart Local Music throwing day party at SXSW 2015

I Heart Local Music is once again proud to bring you a day party at the 2015 SXSW music festival! We’ve teamed up with Mass


Something and the Whatevers to release songs on local punk comp

Something and the Whatevers have been pretty busy lately. The rockers have been plugging away in the studio recording loads of new music, and you’ll


I Heart Local Music Presents: Something and the Whatevers / Monster / Nicholas St. James

Friday night’s show at the Replay was one of those events that was just so weird it worked. Three unlikely bands came together and, through

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Album Review: Something And The Whatevers – “We Sold Our Souls For Wicked Lulz”

by Nathan Cardiff Come on guys, you already have one of the best band names around, now you gotta have one of the best album


Watch: Something and the Whatevers cover local bands

Something and the Whatevers may not be for everyone, but they sure are a riot. The local jokesters hit Davey’s Uptown on a Tuesday night


Photo Gallery: I Heart Local Music Showcase with BaioWolf / Destroy Nate Allen / Something and the Whatevers

Comedy was the name of the game Saturday night at the Jackpot. After a full weekend of the Busker Festival, Lawrencians enjoyed a night of