I Heart Local Music is once again proud to bring you a day party at the 2015 SXSW music festival! We’ve teamed up with Mass Street Music to put five incredible local acts on the best stage in Austin, TX.

This year’s day party will be at Midcoast Takeover on Saturday, March 21. Midcoast Takeover is a wildly popular event at the music festival, and is one of the most RSVP’d-to day parties. It runs during the entire week of the festival, and you can learn more about the other bands playing the showcase here.


If you’re heading down, you’ll want to come see the following acts on the bright outdoor stage at Shangri-La:

12:00 pm – Spencer Mackenzie Brown
12:45 pm – Bruiser Queen
1:30 pm – Psychic Heat
2:15 pm – Something and the Whatevers
3:00 pm – CS Luxem

This isn’t our first time throwing a day party at SXSW. Check out coverage from our event last year here, and watch some videos below. You can also RSVP to the event on Facebook.



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