The Philistines hypnotize with thrilling psych show

We’ve been tracking The Philistines for a few months now, and have noticed a fairly noticeable difference in their performances lately. The Philistines are a


Watch: Gunsafe at the Replay

We ran into a pretty rad folk-punk outfit at the early Replay show on Friday. Gunsafe is fierce and entirely likable. The four-piece features plenty


The Kings of Casual: Plains

With a weekend filled with such pleasant weather, it’s easy to understand why one would dread the end of it. So when we noticed Plains


Harmonizing Sirens: The Ovaries-eez bring needed attention to Girls Rock Camp

Women ruled the Replay stage on Friday night as part of a fundraiser to bring Girls Rock Camp to Lawrence. The night featured the stunningly


Ponyboy returns from a dark place

“This next one’s called I hate myself and I wanna die.” Ponyboy went away for a little while. We don’t know where they’ve been, but

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Photo Gallery: Wandering Lake / CS Luxem / Karma Vision

Cold weather wasn’t the only thing the wind blew in last week. The Wandering Lake drifted in to The Replay Thursday night, joined by CS


Watch: SeaKings at the Replay

It was nearly a year ago that we were ogling SeaKings’ self-titled album. It’s only now that we (finally) got to indulge in the heavy


Lawrence rings in 2015 with aggressive performances from Hammerlord / Psychic Heat

Lawrence was more than ready to kick 2014 to the curb, and rang the new year in pretty aggressively on Wednesday thanks to unique and


Watch: Hidden Planets at the Replay

We caught a rare glimpse of Hidden Planets when they hit up the Replay over the weekend. Those who were suffering that pre-holiday rush quickly


Helen Kelter Skelter is everything that’s cool about rock and roll

You know, we were supposed to have the night off on Saturday. But we experienced a band so superb, we really can’t keep this secret