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Photo Gallery: Bummer / Pinko / MaceMouth

If you're a rocker who woke up on Friday suffering some hearing loss, the Replay's Three-Headed-Thursday special was likely the scene of the crime. That's
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Photo Gallery: Keef Mountain / Macemouth / Red Kate / The Sluts

It was one of those nights where the smell of leather jackets, soaked with late winter humidity, filled the air. There was enough hair grease
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Macemouth gets trashy in new music video

In the Lawrence music scene, Josh Hartranft and Mitch Hewlett are the Kings of Trash. The duo comprise Macemouth, one of Lawrence’s rowdiest and nastiest

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KSDB-FM is doing everything right with local music

We need to talk about KSDB. The student-run radio station should be considered one of local music’s greatest assets right now— and it’s based out

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Now you can download local music while donating to the ACLU

If you heart local music and activism, here are a couple of ways you can contribute. Tomorrow, rowdy rockabilly roughhouser Joel Bonner will be releasing

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Listen: Macemouth releases new music

Everybody’s favorite rough-housing rockers are finally releasing some recorded music, and they’re starting with the track that made us fall in love with them in



Genre: Rock, PARTYDEATHROCK Members: Josh Hartranft, Mitch Hewlett Website:

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Photo Gallery: Stiff Middle Fingers / MaceMouth / WIDES

The Replay's "Three-Headed Thursdays" event continued to prove itself as one of the rowdiest tickets in town. Their most recent show included the melodically erratic