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Somewhere Clover the Rainbow: Irish musician Nick Carswell serenades Lawrence from the Shamrock Shack

We kind of started this pandemic with St. Patrick’s Day, and by golly we’re starting to end it that way as well. Having this pandemic

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Just look at all this holiday cheer

How ya doin, bud? You ok? We know this Christmas is pretty rough, what with COVID cutting into the all yule you were hoping to

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Photo Gallery: Julian Davis and the Situation / Grassfed at Lucia

Snowstorm? What snowstorm? You'd hardly know the weather was a problem based off the wild crowd at Lucia on Saturday night. Scores of bluegrass lovers
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The Top Ten Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands In 2019

You canโ€™t say 2019 wasnโ€™t without a few surprises! This was a year full of changes. We gained a new venue (hello, Kaw Valley Public

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No one had a better 2019 than Unfit Wives

Unfit Wives / Photo by John Knepper It's incredible to think of what a difference a year can make. Nearly three years ago, Jenna Rae
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Roots music rules right now in Lawrence

MAW / Photo by Fally Afani Bluegrass is always in style in Lawrence, but right now bluegrass is really in style. If you live in
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Split Lip Rayfield tore it up at Lucia

Split Lip Rayfield / Photo by Fally Afani To give you an idea of how it felt to go to Split Lip Rayfield's barn-burner-of-a-show on
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On most nights in Lawrence, you’ll find a folk jam

Gosh, folk music is just having a heyday in Lawrence right now. There’s a good chance that if you go out on most days in

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We couldn’t decide which local band to see Friday night, so we saw all of them

Friday night was a pretty banner night for the local music scene. There were so many good shows spanning so many genres and catering to