A brutal bond: Horse Weapons to open for William Elliott Whitmore

Here in Kansas, we’ve got a lot of well-mannered, dusty-haired boys who come from good families and rural landscapes. Will Gunnerson is one of them.


Bands you should notice: Anakin

Deep in the heart of Eudora, a rockin’ storm is brewing. Anakin is a local shoegaze ensemble that has us foaming at the mouth. Their


Screams and squeals: Minden / The Devil / Gun Show rock the Jackpot

The Jackpot was the place to be to catch fresh and upcoming acts. Two relatively new bands, Gun Show and The Devil, are catching plenty


Photo Gallery: Cowboy Indian Bear / Fourth of July / Soft Reeds

On Thursday night the Jackpot provided one of the best local lineups of the season. Fans packed the house to see Cowboy Indian Bear, Fourth

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Album Review: Capybara – Dave Drusky

We don’t know if it’s the diverse live shows they’ve been exposing themselves to, but something has evoked a great change in Capybara, and it’s


Extreme Electronica: Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket

I’ve always wanted to see a local band attempt mixing electronic and metal music together. On Friday night, one local act gave birth to that


Photo Gallery: The Sluts / Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket

Local Lawrence bands The Sluts and Going To Hell in a Leather Jacket treated the Replay to some vicious rock and experimental electronic music on