The Jackpot was the place to be to catch fresh and upcoming acts. Two relatively new bands, Gun Show and The Devil, are catching plenty of attention (for two very different reasons); and local favorites Minden rocked the house.

gun show
Gun Show

Gun Show

Gun Show is sort of the hair band that Lawrence has been missing lately. They look absolutely nuts, like the road has weathered them; but this was probably about their second or third show. They stormed the stage with songs like “Shit Wolf” and “Grease Fire.” Their set was short, but there was plenty of comical Dr. Rockso-esque screaming, such as “This is The Gun Show, you fucking losers!” and “It’s time to kick out the jams!” (Yes, an MC5 cover followed after that gem)

the devil
The Devil

The Devil

The Devil are also a relatively new band. They hail from Kansas City and this was about their third show.
The lead singer manifested onstage in little more than a leotard and a pair of tights. With her wrists clad in metal jewelry, she hissed, purred, and screamed into the mic for the dark, semi-droney rock set. This band sported three rockin’ women, including a drummer who very much reminded me of Meg White.
Check out the singer’s amazing pipes at about 1:25 in:




With every passing show, Minden are becoming more and more the kings of cool. They make it look effortless and easy. Their songs are so damn upbeat that they’ll turn any frown upside-down… and there’s no denying that their wild haired drummer is one of the funnest to watch in the area.
Everybody deserves to be treated to a solid and good Minden show, and if you were at the Jackpot on Saturday night, that’s exactly what you got.
Check out the photo gallery from the show here.



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