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Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket
I’ve always wanted to see a local band attempt mixing electronic and metal music together. On Friday night, one local act gave birth to that concept; and it slayed us all with vicious rock.
The show started when Victor Polanco (the man behind Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket) rolled out the welcome mat:
“Hi, my name is Victor and I make electronic music.”
(audience applause)
“Thank you, thank you… Shut the fuck up.”
Victor layered vicious metal riffs over electronic beats, while intermittently thrashing all over the stage. It didn’t take much to get the crowd going, and a few songs in a small circle of people were jumping up and down while the rest of the audience cheered with such vigor.
We all have that one friend who just loves to play metal (to eat, sleep, and breathe metal). Get rid of them, because Victor is now your one friend who loves to play metal. If he’s going to hell in a leather jacket, I wouldn’t mind tagging along if this is what we get to listen to.



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