Amen Dunes - Through Donkey Jaw
Amen Dunes’ Damon McMahon has spent much of the last year focusing on isolation and space. On Monday night the Lawrence scene will be introduced to McMahon’s art of rhythmic reclusiveness when Amen Dunes opens for This Will Destroy You at the Jackpot.

Anymore, when it comes to recording albums, bands are favoring the DIY route. They’re ditching traditional studios, sometimes raising funds through Kickstarter, to cut the album themselves at a more comfortable pace. The New York-based McMahon was no exception, and brought his latest project, Through Donkey Jaw, to life thanks to a basement in the lower east side. “I was there each each night for a month,” says McMahon, who enjoyed having the space all to himself each night. “I don’t like working in studios. It was important that I was on my own and had time to get into the right zone to record or write, as opposed to being in a commercial studio with someone standing over you saying you have an hour to track this song or whatever.” The night owl says having that time to himself each night helped him achieve a focused theme for the LP. “It’s kind of a nighttime record. I would go in at 10:00 every night. It’s mostly a solitary kind of experience, except for a friend here and there coming to guest on the record.”

Through Donkey Jaw was just released in August, and this year Amen Dunes packed up and took the show on the road. Lawrence is one of the earlier stops on the tour; and even though McMahon hasn’t spent much time in the area, he’s looking forward to a more welcoming audience than what he’s used to in the music scene back east. “The vibe in New York is always a little disinterested. In general, there’s so much going on in New York, they’re less psyched to go do stuff.” says McMahon. “I’m hoping that audiences in the Midwest will be more receptive than New York. People can be kind of frosty sometimes.”

You can give Amen Dunes a warm reception by checking out the show on Monday night at the Jackpot.



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