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Cyndi Lauper brings country flair to Kansas City

To say that Cyndi Lauper likes country music is a grand understatement. Sure, the famous 80’s-defining icon is known for her dramatic performances and pop

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How to smash the patriarchy in rock and roll, according to Vedettes’ Heather Lofflin

In Lawrence Field Day Fest's fourth year, we noticed a dramatic surge in women on the stages of the rock festival. We counted every single
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Listen to this punk as fuck Wendy Moira track

It took all but two minutes to get our blood pumping and our heart exploding right out of our skulls when we heard the new

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Art collides with music at vibrant Cider Gallery performance

Real Dom / Photo by Fally Afani If there’s one thing Lawrence does well, it’s utilizing non-traditional venues for non-traditional shows. On Friday night, art
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Wild Eye has one of the prettiest voices in the scene

Ross Williams has one of the prettiest voices in the scene. The local songwriter, who performs as Wild Eye, has up to this point performed

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Nate Holt releases lush electronic album

You can add this release to the rebirth of electronic music in Lawrence. Etan Tloh, whose name is actually Nate Holt but performs under the

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Watch this awesome busker on Mass Street

If you’ve been frolicking in Downtown Lawrence on the weekends anytime over the past month, you’ve likely run into Sage. The local musician and extraordinary

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Photo Gallery: The Conquerors / Toughies at Love Garden

It's a busy time for The Conquerors. They just released their long-anticipated album, Wyld Time, and will be heading out on a West Coast tour.
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Photo Gallery: Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 / 40 Watt Dreams

Labretta Suede is a fireball. We really couldn't think of any other word when she stormed the Bottleneck stage Friday night with The Motel 6,
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Meet the Modular: Library offers free synthesizer workshops

If you didn’t have enough reasons to love the Sound + Vision studio at the Lawrence Public Library, here’s another one. In addition to providing