Kat King / Photo by Fally Afani

Kat King’s fantastic EP Falling Up starts with a curveball; a glitchy, gorgeous opener where she delivers the lyrics rapid fire before a chorus of harmonies wrap themselves around the title track. It’s an extraordinary song with cascading keys driving underneath King’s dynamite delivery. As soon as it ends though, Falling Up becomes much more organic and guitar based; a perfect mellow switcheroo. The bouncing optimism of “The Window” is buried with the lyric “But I’ll be damned thinkin’ fantasies come true.”

King’s got a gift for pulling the rug out from under us; every track is a surprise delivery and the best one is saved for last on “Wind Blows.” The music swells to an explosion of sound right after we get one more moment of only guitar and her voice. Falling Up is sharp and stunning, smart and striking. A cool collection to soundtrack the long winter.

Favorite Tracks: “Falling Up” & “Wind Blows”

Editor’s note: You can see Kat King at the early Replay matinee on January 26 with Houseproud.



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