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The Black Lips are headed to the Middle East, but first stopping in KC

-by Fally Afani   I recently got the chance to talk to garage rockers The Black Lips at SXSW. I wanted to discuss their upcoming


Sweet baby Jesus: Kanrocksas announces festival lineup

The folks over at Kanrocksas announced the festival lineup this afternoon. The music and camping festival will take place on August 5th and 6th, and


Everybody loves Ghosty

One of the first local shows I ever attended in college was a Ghosty show. I remembered seeing handbills taped up on people’s fridges, watching


The Black Angels are going to melt your brains

“I can’t believe this many people are here to see our band, this is amazing!” The lead singer of psychedelic rockers The Black Angels was


Do you like loud music? Then go see Rooftop Vigilantes

The Taproom may at times seem small, cramped and poorly lit, but on Friday night it was the perfect place to release your work week


The Arcade Fire deliver dazzling, radiant performance in KC

Right as the Arcade Fire was taking the stage at the Starlight on Wednesday night, something lit up the sky. I’m not sure if it


A colorful commotion: Dangerous Ponies at the Replay

On Tuesday night I was treated to one of the funnest, most colorful bands I’ve seen all Spring. Dangerous Ponies, a seven-piece from Philadelphia, came


Something big is coming to Kansas

To quote Jurassic Park, “Hold on to your butts.” Something big is coming to Kansas. We’ve just gotten wind of the Kanrocksas music festival. Word


Katlyn Conroy covers Bright Eyes

Local musician Katlyn Conroy (of Cowboy Indian Bear fame) has yet again gifted us with another one of her covers. Here she is covering Bright


A Toe Tapping Tax Day

There is no other reason in the world to look forward to Tax Day other than what happens every year at the Downtown Lawrence Post