Editor’s note: We’re going to start encouraging you to get out and see more shows on the weekend. Here are some of our picks to help guide you on your musical journey.



Mouthbreathers are set to rock The Replay this weekend

Mouthbreathers / Der Todesking – The Replay

This show kicks off a tour for local hellraisers Mouthbreathers. The garage rockers will no doubt leave your ears ringing by the end of the night.
They will be joined by Der Todesking, an equally loud, screamy and obnoxious band out of Kansas City.




Get psyched: The Black Angels are returning

The Black Angels / Dead Meadow / Spindrift – The Bottleneck

Austin-based psychedelic rockers The Black Angels will be making their triumphant return to the Bottleneck this weekend. They played the same venue earlier this year, and as I recall it may have melted our brains.
This isn’t your run-of-the-mill psychedelic rock band. The Black Angels are notorious for digging deep into their craft. They also host Austin Psych Fest, which draws top-notch psychedelic bands from all over the world.
Expect a 1960s flashback and an out-of-this-world light show as they’re joined by Dead Meadow and Spindrift.


Yuppies / Dry Bonnet / High Diving Ponies – The Replay

Knowing The Replay’s delayed set times, you may have time to catch this show after watching The Black Angels at the Bottleneck.
Nebraska-based Yuppies will be bringing raw and unapologetic garage rock sound to the show, but local rockers Dry Bonnet will be the ones to keep an eye on. The band is quickly making a name for themselves as one of Lawrence’s loudest and finest in the garage rock scene. Go show them some love at the Replay.




Not so lazy Sunday: Up the Academy will play the Jackpot

Pierced Arrows / Don’t / The Spook Lights / Up The Academy / Baby Boomers

Sundays are generally seen as a time to slow down; but if you’re looking to keep your weekend going, then the Jackpot is the place to be. That’s where you’ll find powerful and overzealous band blatantly lined up one after another.
The Spook Lights will promise you theatrics, while Up The Academy promises a good ruckus. Pierced Arrows will be bringing their newest tracks from the Portland punk scene.



To view a schedule of all the shows happening this weekend, click here.




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