Hammerlord Halloween Party – The Replay
While most of Lawrence’s finest Halloween parties are happening NEXT weekend, the evil-spirited holiday couldn’t come early enough for Hammerlord. The Lawrence-based thrashers plan to slay Lawrencians at the Replay Friday night. The metal show will be a treat because the following night they’ll bee knee-deep in Hammerween 2 at the Beaumont in KC. Consider the Friday show in Lawrence their warm-up, and test just how vicious they can get.


The Dead Girls, photo by Micki Hadley
The Dead Girls / Sons of Great Dane / Sexy Accident – The Jackpot
Energetic power pop group The Dead Girls return for a Lawrence show at the Jackpot. The band claims to be formed “from the molten ashes of Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar,” so expect antics that include lots of headbanging and audience interaction.



Das Racist / Greg Enemy / Despot – The Granada
This will be the second time jokesters Das Racist find themselves in Lawrence this year. They played in March (also at the Granada), and as I recall they sassed the audience, spent much of their time onstage joking and making inaudible noises at their fans, and peppered in hilarious lyrics.
Since then, they’ve released new album Relax and gained even more comedic notoriety for their Michael Jackson video. But don’t completely write them off as a bunch of class clowns. Their latest album been receiving favorable nods from most publications and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see them showing up more in the pop world from here on out. Go to this show for a unique and comedic style of hip hop while it’s still around.


Fourth of July, Photo by Micki Hadley
Fourth of July / Conchance / Team Bear Club – The Jackpot
Local darlings Fourth of July tend to bring out the very best in Lawrence crowds, showcasing a “who’s who” of the local scene. The longtime locals will divide their time onstage between pushing out one catchy hook after another and heckling their fans. Expect lots of tom-foolery as Lawrence’s party boys bring the ruckus to the Jackpot stage.
Team Bear Club is comprised of Lawrence’s most famous party-throwers. Watch out, you may lose yourself before the night is over.



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