Editor’s note: One of the best things about the local Lawrence and Kansas City music scene is our sense of community. We’re starting a new weekly segment here at I Heart Local Music that encourages you to know a little more about local musicians around town. We’ve asked them to tell us about their favorite book, movie, video game and website. There, now you have something to talk about with them at their next show.

Beau Bruns
Name: Beau Bruns

Band: Cowboy Indian Bear (drummer)

Book: The Ludwig Book

“I spend way to much time searching for vintage Ludwig drums that need love and restore them to the way they were when they were born. I use this book constantly to check things that I am unfamiliar with or just don’t know about. Kickass book.”

Movie: The Big Lebowski

“I have several ‘Dudes’ and ‘Walters’ in my life. This movie is an excellent representation of how ridiculous life can really be. Plus I love white Russians. The drink….”

Video Game: Excite Bike (regular Nintendo)

“I used to spend HOURS creating tracks and racing them. Some of my fondest memories are playing that damn game. PS3, XBOX help me out here!”

Website: eBay

“As per my silly obsession with vintage drums and such, I spend most of my smart phone time searching eBay. Gems, I tell you. Gems.”



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