Well, it’s September. That means that by law, as a Kansan, you must trek out to the sunflower fields over Labor Day and take some pictures. This is a longstanding tradition here in Northeast Kansas thanks to the fine folks over at Grinter Farms. Now, yours truly is from North Central Kansas, where sunflowers grow freely and it’s an average day on the farm. But here in Lawrence, it’s the one time of year we put all of our differences aside and become one as Kansans by plastering our social media channels with sunflower selfies.

There are a lot of sweet moments to be found in those sunflower fields (thanks, Farmer Ted!), and this was one of them. Amidst the hazy heat on an early Sunday evening, we lured Spencer & Rains out to perform one of their latest songs. This is hands down the most likable folk duo in town. They are so in tune with each other when they play, and you can just feel that harmony stretch across the land. We were pleased as punch to see them play this jaunty little tune while bees buzzed about doing their busy work, and sunflowers swayed in the breeze. Everyone say it with us now: “Aaaaaah, Kansas!”



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