We tend to get a lot of questions from local musicians looking for professional feedback about their music, as well as inquiries about various aspects of the business. Generally, we tell them all the same thing: get associated with industry folks at local music conferences. It’s not as fun as playing a show, but just as valuable.

This month, one of our go-to music conferences kicked off and is spreading events over a couple of weeks. Mixmaster helps bands (both new and established) with all aspects of the biz, from marketing to booking and sometimes even taxes. Arguably, the most exciting part of this is the “Demo Dip.” That’s when industry professionals listen to a band’s song for only 60 seconds, then (gulp) tear it apart. It’s intimidating, but ultimately priceless when it comes to professional feedback. They let artists know what they do or don’t like about it, and why it would or wouldn’t get airplay or booked at a show.

Like most conferences, this year’s Demo Dip is virtual. But it features some heavy hitters in the industry, including a regional booker from Colorado, a publicist from LA, and a radio host from Kansas City. Musicians can submit music here.

The Demo Dip kicks off September 15th (via Zoom) at 4:30 p.m.



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