by Nathan Cardiff

I’ve been attempting to pin down an appropriate genre for The Noise FM and the best I can do is scruffy indie-pop. Maybe someone else has a better label than that, but these gentlemen construct the smoothest rock songs that are rough around the edges in all the best ways.

Attraction delivers the catchiest, head-bangingest, and quiet possibly the sexiest songs this year. After the lightning quick opener, “Ghost in the Microphone,” we get the racy “Crooked Smile” with lyrics: “Braced to fall, pinned against a wall/Breathing fast with your fingers crossed behind your back” and my favorite lyrics “I’d start over/And wouldn’t change a thing/All I want is all you’ve got.” Wooo! The Noise FM give us a dance party with a punk attitude. Look no further than Austin Ward’s drumming on “Keep Me in the Dark” to understand what I mean.

A personal favorite of mine, the heavy “Scam Artist” has a crunching bass line and Alex Ward’s strong vocals rock the hell out of the song. A perfect combination of guitar driven and synth driven. The Noise FM never slow down; track after track, they deliver the hits. “Road Warrior” is a terrific song about hook-ups and traveling where Ward declares: “You’re just another girl I told I’d keep in touch/I guess it didn’t mean that much/I’m not a bad guy, if you can keep me honest.” I like the honesty in the lyrics; the highs and lows of moving around from place to place and meeting that special (or not so special) someone. It’s a great track and it shows that The Noise FM isn’t afraid to give you songs that may punch you in the gut.

The juggernaut closer “The Attraction” leaves the band going full throttle into a shouting match. It left me thinking about how The Noise FM continually create excellent music and what a rewarding album this is. What really gets me about Attraction is that it’s a “modern” record. The Wards have constructed a unique sound that matches their lyrics; they tell it like is. Attraction is never light on its themes or messages; the band doesn’t hold anything back. Some of their songs will simply make you smile and others force you to look at the decisions you’re making. There’s no better way to explain it than they do on the track “Waiting for Something to Happen.” Ward sings “All the worst mistakes make all the best stories.” Damn straight.

Favorite Tracks: “Crooked Smile,” “Scam Artist,” & “The Attraction”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: Catch The Noise FM at their album release show this Friday at the Jackpot in Lawrence.



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