by Nathan Cardiff

I’m not sure if the term “dream pop” was given to Mammoth Life or if the band adopted it themselves, but I will say it’s a brand they wear well. Their self-titled full length glistens with a clean and bright glow; a swelling sun over the water. It’s cool, calm, and relaxing. A pop record with catchy vocals, shining keys and guitars, and most of all, it soothes the heart. The former Lawrencians turned San Franciscans have crafted a record filled with odes to youth, love, and adventure. It’s easy to see how the West Coast has influenced Mammoth Life; their indie tunes have a certain surf and sun demeanor, but it is layered on top of a Midwest mentality. This is a band (and record) filled with hard work and determination, but most of all it’s genuine and heartfelt.

Kix Mead’s vocals are stellar; at one time breezy and light, then powerful and clear to reinforce the “heavier” parts of Mammoth Life. “Teen Dreamin’” starts with just the right amount of buzz on the guitar, and continues on with the terrific “Never Good At Goodbye.” Nicholas Goss’ guitar gives the pop tunes an edge and Mead’s vocals get an added grit. Just enough to really fire the emotions home. Even at their happiest, Mammoth Life holds nothing back; it’s a wave of emotion that hits like the drums on “Being Young.”

It may be dreamy and lovely, but the record has an overwhelming amount of devastating moments. Every subtle nuance is planned and implemented perfectly. They venture on without any fear and their strength fills the album with a tremendous amount of joy. As Mammoth Life continues their journey, I hope they will continue to find success. This record is a glowing example of it already.

Favorite Tracks: “Teen Dreamin’,” “Never Good At Goodbye,” & “Being Young”

by Nathan Cardiff

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