Mammoth Life is doing well after relocating to San Francisco
It’s been about a year since Mammoth Life relocated from Lawrence to San Francisco, and they’ve got reason to celebrate. They just played their first gig since the move, they’ve developed their sound, and San Francisco is quite possibly one of the most beautiful communities in the nation.
We met up with the husband and wife duo for a nice little date in the park this week. We talked about the band’s growing experiences and what it’s like to change their sound by adding a third member. They also told me what finally nudged them over to the city. “Mates of State made that tangible,” says Nicholas Goss, who credits the former Lawrence-based indie rockers with helping him see the transition as a reality. “They were human beings who actually did it.” For those not familiar with Mates of State, they are also a husband and wife duo who made the move from Lawrence to San Francisco before skyrocketing to fame.
You can tell that life is just sunny and beautiful for the group at the moment. Their music sounds a bit more upbeat, and you can see their happiness in little smiles and shoulder shrugs while they perform. Lyrics like “being young and having fun / keeping calm and carrying on / there’s magic in this song” don’t hurt either. You can tell the move was a whirlwind romance in itself for Nicholas and wife Kix Mead. They can hardly believe they made the transition themselves, and make that clear when they sing “what a crazy year / this song feels so surreal” and “right here when I am with you / I feel like we can do anything that we want to do / so let’s do it now.” It’s a good thing Mates of State helped them work up the courage to take the plunge.
We recorded them playing the song that features those lyrics just so you can see how they’re doing over in San Francisco. Enjoy this clip we shot at Dolores Park, a popular spot for sunbathers and many, many happy-go-lucky residents in the city.
by Fally Afani



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