If there’s ever a year for Cowboy Indian Bear to shine, this is it. They’re releasing their latest album, Live Old, Die Young, in April, they’ve gathered endless live shows and tours under their belts, and their fan base is getting stronger by the minute.

Cowboy Indian Bear were one of several Lawrence and Kansas City bands playing Midcoast Takeover’s SXSW Showcase this year. They delivered a stunning set that left joys of exclamation popping out from audience members all across the outdoor venue. The event had its fair share of mingling from Kansans, but it was what we heard from the locals that caught our ears. “I’ve been seeing bands all week that are terrible. These guys are actually good,” quipped one audience member. “It’s great to stumble across a band unexpectedly,” admitted his friend. “This is the best one I’ve seen so far.”

Under bright and mesmerizing LED lights, with a warm wind whipping through their limbs, Cowboy Indian Bear mastered the art of beautiful, choir-like, harmonizing (you can see it in the video below). The arrangement for “Does Anybody See You Out” is nothing short of majestic. The vocal parts become staggered enough that they leave a mesmerizing effect on the audience. It’s easy to see why, when we peeked over our shoulders, certain people in the crowd almost looked like they were in a trance, doe-eyed with their drinks frozen in their grips. Their gaze never left the stage, and with good reason… because Cowboy Indian Bear really is the next big thing.

Fun Fact: The band got matching bear tattoos while they were down in Austin.



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