Cowboy Indian Bear just kicked off a nice-sized tour that will take them all the way to the East Coast. Before they embarked on their journey, they started their tour with a sweaty and fairly unforgettable show at the Replay. The night included announcing that drummer Beau Bruns was now engaged (his lady was too shy to come onstage), and Katlyn Conroy (jokingly) asking the audience to punch her boyfriend in the face if they notice him nodding off. They also gave a prize to the first person to take their shirt off. As far as we can tell, only two people obliged.

The venue was just about standing room only, both inside and out. Everyone on and off stage was drenched in sweat, but more than happy to be at one of the funnest shows of the summer. At the end of the set, Marty Hillard announced to the audience “We’ve been a band for four years. It gets harder and harder each year to keep doing this, so thank you.”

Here’s to many more years of Cowboy Indian Bear shows and tours. Photos and video from the night are below:



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