Major Games
No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to describe a Major Games show as anything other than an effort to kill the audience with loud, mayhem-filled, sanity-destroying rock.
It feels like every time I see Major Games, they somehow get louder. Bass player / screamer Jeremy Sidener carefully plots his menacing screams while his bandmate angrily thrashes in the corner. Even the drummer was threatening. He’s the kind of drummer you want to see in every hard rock band. He kept it tight, loud and still came off as intimidating.
The set was melt-your face good, and one can’t help but head bang at the show. Even folks who generally try to stand still and “keep their cool” at Replay shows were moving along to the hostile hymns.

The music wasn’t the only thing that was hostile. A fight broke out during the set, and the band kept on trucking. Men were pushed up against a wall and held on the floor; and plenty of beer was spilled. After the band wrapped up one of their songs, Sidener shouted out “Yeah! UFC in the corner!” He paused for just a moment, and then exclaimed “Well THIS song will calm you down!” They then dived into some serious exhilirating fight music.
This was music to get paranoid to. I’ve mentioned before how every Major Games song feels like a sneak attack. It feels like you’re being boiled alive in this hazardous music, and you don’t realize the trouble you’ve gotten yourself into until it’s too late. Don’t be surprised if you walk away from a Major Games show without a sense of security. The band wages war on your senses with their malicious music; and at the end of the set they walk away from the conquest with winnings that include your inner peace and your hearing.




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