Katlyn Conroy’s talents know no limits. When she’s not busy performing with Cowboy Indian Bear, Hospital Ships or by herself, she’s exercising her video editing skills.
She just released this new music video for “Rabbits.” She shot most of the footage around her house on Missouri street. Conroy wanted to pass along a fun fact about the video. “There is a line that goes ‘got broken limbs for them to fix,'” said Conroy. “In the video, you see a shot of my scar from fixing my broken arm. It’s now mostly plates and screws.” Conroy also noted that she sports a tattoo of a rabbit, based off of this song (see if you can spot it in the video).

You can catch her performing that song, and many others, when she opens for New Inhabitants on Saturday. After that, keep an eye out for an album she’s currently recording with Jordan Geiger, of Hospital Ships.
In the meantime, enjoy the video above and this extra little song below.
I Mean It by Katlyn Conroy



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