On Friday night Lawrence was introduced to two St. Louis acts (as well as a local duo) that tend to impress and get music lovers moving. The night began and ended with funky dance moves from the audience, while the music ranged from garage rock to punk and even some dancey pop.


Squirt is a fantastic local duo that really gets a crowd moving. Comprised of just a bassist and drummer, the two deliver a wicked and lively flow of music that had much of the crowd cutting some killer dance moves. The bassist’s scratchy little voice rang loud and clear throughout the Replay, and beckoned in folks from outside.

The rockers tend to mash two or three songs into one large one, which kept the momentum and spirits high inside the venue. We highly recommend catching Squirt while you can. Come January, the two will be moving to California for good.


Bruiser Queen

Bruiser Queen is a fun little punk outfit out of St. Louis. It’s hard not to immediately fall for this punky duo. Frontwoman Morgan Nusbaum was a captivating treat, and it’s not every day we get to see a saucy redhead who knows how to thrash on a guitar (without any other guitarists to back her up) and scream into the microphone the way she did. The night was a special one for Ms. Nusbaum, seeing as how it was her birthday.

The drummer did a good job of wisecracking and delivering all the sass that comes with being a drummer. Word on the street is Bruiser Queen is quite fond of local lovelies Up The Academy. Perhaps a Bruiser Queen / Up The Academy lineup is in our future?


Middle Class Fashion


Middle Class Fashion, on tour with Bruiser Queen, is another good-natured band out of St. Louis. While this is technically not a duo, they did come equipped with two dueling synth babes. The indie pop band was heavy on the harmonizing and on the extra stage lights.

Their tunes were upbeat and mostly danceable; and between all the swaying and shoulder shimmying onstage, we could see why Middle Class Fashion could be what gets a venue moving on any given night.



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