Photo Gallery: Spring Into Summer, 2013

Spring Into Summer is a little festival that packs a punch, and in its third year at the Replay, the event was louder than ever.


Boys Just Wanna Have Fun: The Regrets are your good time Kings

Don’t call it a comeback, but The Regrets are giving Lawrencians a reason to get excited. The band consisting of Lawrence music scene veterans Danny


JabberJosh is the musical equivalent of running the 40 yard dash

by Nicholas Stahl   The population of Lawrence, Kansas, is quickly growing. Hordes of people are flocking towards the blue beacon of light, engulfed in

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Photo Gallery: Spring Into Summer Fest

Spring Into Summer Fest was full of little surprises this weekend. From the giant stage to a rapper missing his pearly whites, there was never


Making rock and roll: Nature Boys to play Replay’s Spring Into Summer Fest

When Spring Into Summer Fest kicks into high gear this weekend, you’ll want to make sure you find yourself in front of the every-rowdy Nature


Top 10 shows of 2011

2011 saw more new bands and festivals than you can shake a stick at. We launched the site in the Spring, and since then have


Here I am, rock you like a hurricane: Lawrence bands weather the storm for Spring into Summer Fest

-by Fally Afani   The moment The Hips started playing as the first band at Spring into Summer fest, tornado sirens started sounding in the


Local music event of the year: Spring into Summer Fest

Saturday will probably go down as the local music event of the year in Lawrence. In a beautifully and hectically arranged evening, scores of bands