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After hiatus, Datura Records releases new music with MilkDrop

Datura Records, the label behind Approach and his wide network of local talent, hasn’t necessarily been laying low over the last year. Rather, the label

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Ricky Roosevelt debuts new album with Tione

It’s hard to keep tabs on anyone in the Vivid Zebra collective. The hip-hop artists blew into Lawrence like a storm, introducing the masses to

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Pala Zolo releases new track “You Can’t”

A few weeks ago, Pala Zolo had plans to pack up and head to LA. All that was put on hold after the COVID-19 pandemic

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Review: R.I.Peter – “Cruis’n / Rising Sun” Singles

Over the cold, cold winter I got to hear R.I.Peter (aka Peter Beatty) perform the two singles he’s releasing today. The cool, pulsing “Cruis’n” in

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Album Review: The Phantastics – “Closer”

by Nathan Cardiff On the final track of Closer, The Phantastics invite the audience to “go bananas,” but I assure you they (band and listener

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Album Review: Doby Watson and Margo May – “Watson & May”

by Nathan Cardiff It’s always a pleasure when two strong songwriters play on the same bill. House show or big venue, sometimes you get lucky


Leading by example: Cowboy Indian Bear celebrates new album with fellow musicians

Cowboy Indian Bear is finally seeing the fruits of their labor, and it’s coming in the form of love and support from their community. They