Photo Gallery: Vandals Summer Kamp Fest, Day 1

Kansas City played host to a punk festival so outrageous, it could only be held at Vandals. The small venue saw dozens of bands over


Red Kate featured on impressive punk roster for Vandals Summer Kamp Fest

It’s a pretty good time to be a punk in Kansas City. Bands are growing and landing shows, a new venue has solidified a home

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Album Review: All Blood – “The Kids Have No Taste”

by Nathan Cardiff All Blood growl and howl their way through their awesome album The Kids Have No Taste. The quartet push guitars and vocal


Radkey returns to the Replay and rocks the fuck out

If you’ve ever thought the Replay felt like family, you’re right. Friday night’s show featured two sets of siblings rocking the venue to its very


Mouthbreathers pick up right where they left off

Despite unfavorable temperatures in an extended winter and a morose mood in the air, the scene really had something to look forward to on Monday


Watch: Red Kate at Frank’s

We’re not really sure if there’s anything out there that can stop Red Kate. The Kansas City group is easily one of the best punk


Ultra Bidé / Drop A Grand attack the Replay

by Mitch Jones Step into my time machine. First stop is the Replay last Thursday night. A brigade of masked men exit the bathroom and


Watch: The Bad Ideas at the Replay

It’s no secret that Kansas City has such a rich punk scene, and on Saturday night some of that presence once again infiltrated the Replay.


Photo Gallery: Stiff Middle Fingers / All Blood / Kind Horse

On a cold and blustery night, one Lawrence business was alive with ear-piercing activity. Local punk rockers Stiff Middle Fingers were celebrating the tape release


Photo Gallery: Rancid / Tim Timebomb and Friends at the Granada

We’re pretty sure that the people who were at the Rancid show on Saturday night were the same fans who we watched Rancid with ten