Despite unfavorable temperatures in an extended winter and a morose mood in the air, the scene really had something to look forward to on Monday night. This was the week Mouthbreathers got back together and played a reunion show at the Taproom.

It felt really good having their sounds fill our earholes again. The band seemed to pick up right where they left off, maybe even a little stronger than before. The four friends never missed a beat, and every song was spot on. They even debuted two new hard and fast tracks for the audience to enjoy.

They were joined by San Francisco’s Useless Eaters. This was the punk rockers’ first time in Lawrence, and they boasted driving bass lines, an angry frontman who got up in everyone’s business by leaving the stage, and the world’s calmest drummer. The percussionist intrigued us. He put forth such a vicious sound while remaining completely stone-faced… sort of like the quiet guy in Kung Fu movies who lays low before laying waste.
Psychic Heat opened up the night, and despite a complacent crowd eventually got the whole room worked up. Instead of letting a bad mood from the audience get them down, Psychic Heat actually has the sense to work for it and get the crowd going. They were rewarded with a warm reception to two new songs they debuted.

Words and photos by Fally Afani

Here’s one of the new songs Mouthbreathers debuted:



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