Photo Gallery: The Leo Posch Benefit with Split Lip Rayfield, Drakkar Sauna, and more

Photographer Joshua Efron snapped these photos at the folk extravaganza known as The Leo Posch Benefit Concert last week. The Friday evening event featured performances

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Album Review: Red Kate – “When The Troubles Come”

by Nathan Cardiff Red Kate’s full length record When The Troubles Come is a rough and tumble, bare knuckle brawler, ready to romp and stomp


Field Day Fest finishes successful three-day run

Lawrence Field Day Fest culminated in a packed night of local and national acts that shared the Bottleneck stage and stole our hearts. Something and


Lively locals open up Lawrence Field Day Fest

Thursday night at The Bottleneck kicked off the first night of Field Day Fest, the showcase put together by Cameron Joel Hawk of local power


Frank’s North Star Tavern strikes just the right note in Lawrence

Frank’s North Star Tavern is the type of bar where you want to become a regular.  Busier then we’ve seen it yet this Saturday, Frank’s


Kansas City parties with local bands at the Crossroads Summer Block Party

Summers are hardly lazy in these parts. It seems you can’t throw a rock without hitting a local music festival; and lucky for us every

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Dance Magic, Dance: Soft Reeds ignites the Replay with dance party

“When pretty girls dance, you dance,” proclaimed Ben Grimes, frontman for Soft Reeds. The band had ignited a high-energy dance party at the Replay during

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Photo Gallery: SXSW 2013

Photos by Fally Afani, Mitch Jones, and Lillian Wright Smith.


SXSW Fest, Day 2, Photo Gallery

Night two of SXSW fest, a benefit to raise money to send local musicians and media to cover SXSW in Austin, TX, was a raging,


SXSW Fest, Day 1, Photo Gallery

“We don’t care what chicks think of us, we sing about anime.” Isaiah Radke, one of the three brothers in Radkey, brushed off any notion