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Watch: Calvin Arsenia and Wild Eye at the Replay

It was one of those moments that brought an entire room full of strangers together in one moment. On Friday evening, while much of Lawrence
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Kansas City crushes hard on Calvin Arsenia

Wednesday marked the start of Folk Alliance International, a music festival that brings diverse folk acts from across the globe together at the Westin in

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Calvin Arsenia and Jessica Paige are a match made in musical heaven

Calvin Arsenia / Photo by Fally Afani Can you imagine what it must have felt like for anyone having a Sunday stroll downtown, and then
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Transcendent Moments: How Calvin Arsenia gets audiences hooked on harp

It’s hard not to feel a little pang of jealousy when you learn about the life Calvin Arsenia has lived up until now. Just within

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Harp and Soul: Calvin Arsenia mesmerizes at Mills Record Company

Calvin Arsenia may be the most interesting performer you see all year. The Kansas City musician is a multi-instrumentalist, but it's his harp skills that