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All in the family: local musicians team up with parents for Father’s Day show

In the Pryor family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While many of today’s musicians were in diapers, Matt Pryor was touring the


Photo Gallery: 2014 Middle of the Map Fest, Day 2

If the first day of Middle of the Map Fest left your ears ringing, Friday’s lineup turned it up to eleven. The cold weather was


Middle of the Map Announces 2014 Lineup

Here’s the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Middle of the Map Fest has just released their unbelievable list of performers slated to perform


Matt Pryor gives major Lawrence shout-out at SXSW

Saturday ended on a very special note for this local gal: I had the privilege of seeing my favorite local musician, Matt Pryor, when I


Ready to party: Matt Pryor to perform solo Friday

The monumental Eleven Productions anniversary show will feature more familiar faces than you can shake a stick at, but you should turn your attention to