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Ebony Tusks throwing benefit concert for local organizations

Marty Hillard, the man behind experimental hip-hop outfit Ebony Tusks, is always eying an opportunity to help his community. This year, he’ll be using his

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Our merch is back, this time to support Black Lives Matter LFK

Our country and community are in the middle of a revolution, and we want to make sure the people who are putting in the work

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Here’s how you can help local venues during the quarantine

When the COVID-19 quarantine hit Kansas, the community has been in a mad dash to help keep local businesses afloat. Now, I Heart Local Music

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Local artist bands with musicians to raise money for historic building

While much of Lawrence spent their Saturday evening absorbing the business of Downtown, some Lawrencians headed just a couple of blocks East for a hypnotic

Lawrence feels the Bern with Arc Flash / CS Luxem / Westerners / La Guerre

Lawrence was definitely feeling the Bern on Wednesday as a group of musicians got together to raise money for Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. There was


SXSW Bound, Night 1: A dramatic night under the lights

The first night of SXSW Bound was certainly an eye-catching affair. Under a bright and glistening light installation on the Jackpot stage, five acts provided


I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” Festival scheduled for February

Get pumped, I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound” is coming to the Jackpot! The annual, two-day event draws hundreds of attendees every year and helps


Photo Gallery: The Noise FM / Sovereign States / Everyday/Everynight

The Replay was overflowing with holiday cheer Saturday night at the 4th annual Noise for Toys, a Toys for Tots fundraiser put on by the


Not Giving Up: The Noise FM continue to host annual Christmas fundraiser in Lawrence

It’s time to dust off your ugliest Christmas sweater and put on your dancing shoes. Noise For Toys is coming. The annual musical fundraiser for