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Photo Gallery: 2016 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 1

The fifth year for Lawrence Field Day Fest kicked off Thursday night with an array of bands stretching from Manhattan to Kansas City. The Jackpot
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How to rock Lawrence Field Day Fest, according to local musicians

For music lovers in Lawrence, Field Day Fest has become one of the most exciting events of the Summer. What started as strictly a rock


Underdogs rule final night of Field Day Fest

Lawrence is a music town. It’s no secret. So naturally, we have an abundance of musicians here. A band could have a hard time standing


Friday Fracas: Night 2 of Field Day Fest was for rockers

Friday night was for the rockers at Field Day Fest. The second day of the local music festival played host to musicians from all sorts


Support and collaboration results in spectacular finish for Lawrence Field Day Fest

We’re calling it. This is the best Lawrence Field Day Fest in the history of the event, and quite possibly the best local music event


Lawrence Field Day Fest explodes into action with diverse performances

Talk about a complete 180 from last year. This year’s Lawrence Field Day Fest is already one for the books, and we’re only halfway through.