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Photo Gallery: The Sluts / Drugs & Attics / Wick and the Tricks / Sona

The Replay and I Heart Local Music hosted a night of garage rock as four local bands shredded the night away on the cozy Downtown
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Album Review: Drugs & Attics – “Clean Their Room”

If you’re gonna open your album with a song titled “Drug Party” and have the first lyrics be “I like to party” then you better

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Here are some of the funnest shows scheduled for 4/20

4/20 has damn near become a holiday in the Lawrence music scene. Every year, we see bands and venues candidly schedule outrageous lineups for the

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Of course Drugs & Attics played a song about getting trashed on 4/20…

Drugs and Attics / Photo by Fally Afani Drugs & Attics have two settings: "party" and "rock and roll." On Friday night, they debuted new
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Free for the Masses brought a drumline, glam rock, and wild rockers to the Bottleneck

You would have been hard pressed to find a more fierce display of musical mischief in the local scene at any venue other than the
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Drugs and Attics are on the naughty list in new holiday song

Drugs and Attics are getting nothing but coal this year, according to a new holiday tune they just released. Last year, a friend and comrade

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Photo Gallery: Vibralux / Bummer / Stiff Middle Fingers / Drugs & Attics

The nice thing about shows like the one on Saturday night at the Replay is that if you enjoy roughhousing, there was a wide variety