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DragonForce played one of Lawrence’s best shows of the year

DragonForce fans / Photo by Fally Afani You don't go to DragonForce solely because you like metal. You go because it's an experience. The longtime
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Photo Gallery: The Whips / The Noise FM / Pala Zolo

It was a special night for townies (especially in the millennial age range). The Noise FM reunited for a special one-off show at the Replay.
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Local musicians celebrate love of Beatles with video, upcoming show

It’s an exciting month for local Beatles fans. In addition to their recent release “Now and Then,” dubbed “the last Beatles song,” there’s a chance

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No-Sleep-November: This Month’s Best Bets for Live Music in Lawrence

Did you do it? Did you survive Rocktober?! Good, because here comes No-Sleep-November. Despite November being a calmer month in years past, we seem to

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Locals throw down hard for Replay’s 30th

Mouthbreathers / Photo by Fally Afani Think of the rowdiest school reunion you've been to, and that's about what it felt like. The Replay threw
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Photo Gallery: Mac Sabbath / The Cybertronic Spree / Playboy Manbaby

Mac Sabbath / Photo by Fally Afani No matter how prepared you think you are for a Mac Sabbath show, you're never really prepared enough. This
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The Cosmic Country Ball was a female-led hoot and a holler

Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani If you're wondering who's running the show in the local honky tonk scene, look no further than The
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The Darkness is still one of the greatest rock bands of our generation

The Darkness / Photo by Fally Afani 20 years ago, The Darkness released one of the most exciting rock albums of our generation. On Wednesday