Thursday night brought a little treat to the Replay via one of Kansas City’s newest residents.

Hadiza, a songwriter who just moved to the area from Iowa, brought a jazzy trio to the stage for a night of beautiful ballads. Sporting an impressive vocal range that traveled between deeply rich notes and high falsettos, she treated the cozy audience to her soulful songs. Though a lot of the tunes dealt with heartbreak, we were taken with one song she wrote while visiting family in Ghana. If you’re born into a multicultural family (like yours truly), it’s easy to fall into that feeling of not belonging (as addressed in the song). You can watch it below.

Hadiza’s vocals and style are reminiscent of early Calvin Arsenia, and they would pair well together for a show. You can listen to her newly released EP, which we’ve also embedded below after the clip, because it is a gorgeous piece of work.