SONA / Photo by Fally Afani
After a seven year span between their first EP and EP 2, SONA is back with a dreamy and expansive release. This shoegaze three-piece captures our attention with its deliberate vocal harmonies, prominent bass lines, and whirling guitar riffs. EP 2 starts with a strong build in “Upside Down” and maintains an energetic flow throughout. “Exit System” closes the album with well-crafted lyrics split up by long but interesting instrumentation. “Pop Song” stands out as one of the best tunes on EP 2 with an upbeat melody and dynamic structure.

While the driving force behind this release may be the neo-psych influenced guitar, the vocals of wife and husband Jenna and Brian Goodman create a final, cohesive layer and make it one of our favorite releases this season. SONA brings back the best elements of shoegaze and utilizes the kind of layering that pairs perfectly with this mellow season. This EP and the progression from their last release should not go unnoticed.

Favorite tracks: “Pop Song” and “Further From the Sun”



Ray has been going to local shows in Lawrence since high school. When she moved to town for college in 2013, she had the opportunity to become heavily involved with KJHK, the school’s college radio station, as a DJ and various director positions including Station Manager. She is one of the organizers for Girls Rock Lawrence and is getting her Master of Social Welfare.

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