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Photo Gallery: A Place To Bury Strangers / SONA / DFITD

The Bottleneck hosted the kind of show on Friday where the music vibrates so hard, you might find that a few organs have changed positions.
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Photo Gallery: The Sluts / Drugs & Attics / Wick and the Tricks / Sona

The Replay and I Heart Local Music hosted a night of garage rock as four local bands shredded the night away on the cozy Downtown
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Local musician teams up with singing robot

We have officially just died and gone to heaven. This is just too damn adorable. It's not every day you get to see a musician
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Album Review: Sona – “EP 2”

After a seven year span between their first EP and EP 2, SONA is back with a dreamy and expansive release. This shoegaze three-piece captures

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We went to six shows in one night to prove a point

Anymore, Friday nights in Lawrence are pretty outrageous. There are just so many events happening at once. This wasn’t even a Final Fridays art walk,


No Cave / Toughies / SONA hypnotize the Replay

A trio of diverse Lawrence bands got the Replay worked into a frenzy Friday night, when three very different genres meshed together for a fairly


Photo Gallery: Hooray For Earth / Grooms / SONA

It’s been two years since Hooray For Earth soaked the scene in their synth-rich goodness, and on Tuesday night the spell was finally broken. The


Watch: SONA at the Jackpot

Sona is one of the most underrated bands in the area. If you like shoegaze, you’ll love Sona. If you are indifferent to shoegaze, you’ll


They’ve Finally Arrived: Four-year journey leads Sona to Lawrence Field Day Fest

Lawrence Field Day Fest hits Lawrence this week, and you may notice a trend with some of the bands that are set to rock the