It looks like Jesus is gaining some followers here in Lawrence.

Earlier this Summer, we introduced you to the latest in a slew of psych-rock bands, JC and the Nuns. We loved the band’s unconventional nature, from their unique drumming setup to their fully costumed antics (complete with nuns that shred and bouncing, groovy Jesus!). So when they hit the Replay on Tuesday night (Tuesday is the new Thursday, by the way), seeing them again was a no-brainer.

Since their first show, they’ve grown in popularity– and why shouldn’t they? JC and the Nuns are absolutely entertaining, showing off the kind of art that goes out on a limb (something we hardly see anymore). Because these guys are so very talented (featuring members of psychh-rock heavyweights, Bloom), they don’t have to go with the religious schtick, but they do anyway. You may come to the show to see what the spectacle is about, but you’ll stay for the screaming vocals that absolutely slay.

In an era of fake news, where free speech feels more threatened every day, we should be celebrating the weird, the avant garde, and the completely out there type of art. And believe us, JC and the Nuns are FAR OUT there, man. You can watch a clip of their show below, and pray (heh) that they’ll grace a stage near you soon.



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