For every punk band Lawrence has, Kansas City has three– and last week they shared the wealth by sending Hipshot Killer down the I-70 corridor and straight to the Replay.

The rockers sport everything you love in a punk band– they’re loud, aggressive, and fast as hell. They didn’t even stop to catch their breaths in between songs! Fully scoffing at any notion of chit-chat with the audience, they plowed through one number right after another. These are songs where they’re dealing with tricky licks on the guitar, while holding sustained and harmonizing screams without so much as batting an eye. When they weren’t screaming at you, they were flinging their statuesque bodies about the stage. Hipshot Killer are rad as fuck, and a complete adrenaline rush. We recommend pairing them with The People’s Punk Band, should you ever feel the need to indulge in a self-induced heart attack.

You’ll be able to catch them again at the Replay on Friday, May 27th, with Stiff Middle Fingers and Four Arm Shiver.

Words and photos by Fally Afani