In an ever-developing revelation of his musical identity, we now bring you the next chapter in the development of MilkDrop.

The local lyricist just dropped a new single with the help of a familiar powerhouse on Friday. The moment “Welcome Home” fires up, you find yourself somewhere familiar with DJ GTRAIN’s signature scratching. The song, produced entirely by local hip hop mastermind Approach, features the poetic and lyrical skills of MilkDrop. If you’ve been paying attention to the local scene, you know that instantly recognizable synth sound Approach has become famous for. The man has a strong hold on any music he puts out, never sampling and always creating.

MilkDrop has been crafting an image as the idyllic rapper, romanticizing all his thoughts into rhymes. He’s been plugging away at his craft over the last year, and the strength behind his vocals are showing on this track.

To show that this is a collaborative effort, MilkDrop eases off the gas at about two minutes in and lets GTRAIN and Approach carry him home (much like how they’ve been there backing him up throughout this venture). “50 dollars in my pocket isn’t much to get through the week,” he declares before trailing off, leaving you a solid minute of music to think on that statement before the song ends.

You can catch both Approach and MilkDrop at Josey Records in Kansas City on Saturday, December 19th.



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